Artist Name
Brodie Neill
Designer Furniture Designer

Looking at Brodie’s work year after year, we have noticed and we are sure you have seen his attention to detail and exploration in materials is far from lacking.

A strong modern elegant approach has been reflected in almost all his work, but keeping an organic methodology. His techniques have been achieved using sophisticated digital tools. He has a fluidity to all of his work, and it’s something that catches your eye every time.

His studio is most commonly commissioned to create sculptural projects for public spaces, major international retails developments and prestigious fashion brands as well high-value, collectible edition pieces for galleries and private collectors across the world.

lustnation_ brodieneill_2
lustnation_ brodieneill_3
lustnation_ brodieneill_4
lustnation_ brodieneill_5
lustnation_ brodieneill_7
lustnation_ brodieneill_6
lustnation_ brodieneill_8

We are excited to see whats to come in the next year from this studio/designer. hopefully larger and more abstract pieces while keeping the consistency and elegance he’s always had.

lustnation_ brodieneill_9

His techniques have been achieved using sophisticated digital tools.

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