Turn information into knowledge. We lust for progression, not material posessions.

Lust Nation is a resource for compiling useful information on creative’s globally. The intent of the site is to develop an avenue for users to gain an understanding behind a creative’s work, and not just their end product. Through interviews, creative features and other write ups; Lust Nation will serve as an invaluable resource for people to become inspired and transform information into knowledge.

In today’s society, we are constantly surrounded by the desire to attain material “things”. A super culture so consumed with consuming that their lust gets in the way of their progression. To battle a lust for material objects, Lust Nation pushes the focus from lusting after material objects to lusting after progression.

By reading stories about a creative’s process, struggles and successes, Lust Nation’s goal is to truly inspire individuals to lust after progression and making themselves achieve new heights that are more timeless and satisfying than any material object that one could attain.

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