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DUST is a premiere architectural firm based in Tucson, Arizona. This firm has years of experience in designing some of the most iconic structures in Arizona. Interestingly, DUST focuses on an approach that takes into account two essential concepts, i.e., natural mystique blend with a modern appeal. This unique architectural method coupled with highly professional designs has won it numerous awards for its work.

For example, it won the 2017 A/A Arizona Award for Distinguished Building. It also secured the 2017 A/A Merit Award for Distinguished Building. The first one was for designing the Tucson Mountain Retreat while the second one was for the Casa Caldera. Did you know that DUST carved the Casa Caldera from volcanic rock? No one thought it such a thing would be possible in the San Rafael Valley, but architects from DUST often think beyond the impossible. They knew it was possible, and they completed it in 2015.

One of their most recent works, the Tucson Mountain Retreat is also as inspirational as the Casa Caldera is. You can find it in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. The design is simple and elegant. It blends in with the surrounding environment, yet it stands out from similar structures built by architects in desert areas. That means you will feel as though you are one with nature when you are here. At the same time, you will never experience a place that is as unique as thing one anywhere in the world.

More specifically, the entire area follows a brown theme that reflects the terrain of the region. Open clear windows bring in natural sunlight. Recessed lighting illuminates the place at night. Native decorations give it a historical feel while natural desert vegetation surrounding it confirms its authentic appeal. As you can now tell, DUST is building a reputation for creating highly distinctive structures within the Arizona landscape. Contact them today for unique architectural designs in Tucson, Arizona and beyond.

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