Artist Name
Emma Nichols
London, UK

Emma Nichols is an up and coming London based filmmaker who makes stunning shorts that manages to bridge documentary, music video, and commercials with a fine art approach.

The color palette and lighting in Nichols' videos appear to draw inspiration from old masters painting, while her editing style speeds up and slows down the images while voice overs and diegetic sound are used in equal measure to push forward complete narratives within the space of only a few minutes.

As for the subject matter of Nichols' short films, this is extremely wide ranging and thought provoking.

Here is just one example of Emma Nichols

In her "Celebrating Modest Fashion" made for the Telegraph, Muslim designers who embrace 'covering up' as not just an expression of their religious faith, but also as a bold and confident fashion statement. In this piece, young fashion designers who are British and Muslim speak to "modest fashion as being a celebration of the diverse and beautiful cultures that we have" to quote the creative director Waqaas. Other fashion professionals interviewed in the piece include strategic Marketer Zinah, and fashion bloggers Dina Torkia and Sagal Ibrahim.

Then, of course, there are the clothes, which include the hijab or headscarf, the full body dress or Abaya, and the ever controversial burqa, which covers the entire body. The former is presented as never before in this short film, with models swirling so as to make the fabric of the burqas twirl majestically in the air in slow motion against monochromatic backgrounds which match the color of the burqas.

Hashtags and instagram handles also appear on the screen, and the background music is contemporary dubstep. "Celebrating Modest Fashion" was a winner at the 2017 Berlin Fashion Film Festival and was a feature selection at the 2017 London Fashion Film Festival.

In Fact, Emma Nichols has won many awards, and is one of the British film artists to watch in upcoming years. In addition to creating videos for The Telegraph, other clients that have commissioned film work from Emma Nichols include Samsung, Maserati, Shell, Apple, Volvo, Firetrap, Stem, Craghoppers, and more.

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