Artist Name
Eye Candy

This collective of individuals are turning their work into an immersive environmental showcase. We love the aesthetic that is made up of each individual project, from a colorful vibrant or a warm organic piece.  They have accomplished the balance between surreal and realism, from their impeccable illustration that takes on a realm of fantasy, but not so far fetched that it comes off cheesy or disingenuous.

As we drift through the eye candy, we fall for so many pieces and feel like they're all serving a purpose. Their work is not just art, design or display's, they're pure masterpiece. Providing the right remedy for any product or challenge they're given.

Eye Candy provides a philosophical connection between what's real and what's not, but in the best possible light. Most of their work is presented in a digital medium but their work is far more than just your typical pen to tablet or brush to photoshop. They're as real as they can get, and we love the core rooted development of tangible products.

Zohar Winer co-founder of Eye Candy originally reached out to us to showcase one of their most recent projects with Jewelry designer Dana Hackim which really raised a brow, As it connected to us in so many ways. The subtle industrial touches and pop of color provides a balance that is just breath taking, layering in the beautifully crafted artwork to geometric shapes and niceties that got us gazing at their work for quite sometime.


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