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Fikera & Quiche

Fikera & Quiche is a branding agency based in Madrid, Spain. It has an office in Brussels as well. This agency focuses on a variety of services to create compelling brands for its clients. They include art direction, marketing strategies, advertising techniques, and corporate videos in addition to fashion, architectural and industrial design. Fikera & Quinche pursues a unique approach in all these endeavors. For example, it focuses on pragmatism and creativity. In other words, it creates a realistic and practical message for its clients. Then it communicates this pragmatic message creatively through its work.

Interestingly, Fikera & Quinche handles work in three languages namely English, Spanish, and Italian. Multilingualism and professionalism are some of the reasons why it is so successful in the European branding industry. These qualities make it possible for the agency to work with companies from all over the world without difficulty. In fact, some of its clients include Eastpak, Ecoalf, Beta Studio, Anáhuac México, Nike, and


Universal Music. This kind of success is impossible without a team of skilled and dedicated designers. Over the years, many talented people have contributed to the achievements of this company, and they still do. Some of them include Alejandro López Bravo, Carlos Cuesta Pato, Irene Alonso Bermejo, and Paula Caballero.

One of the most impressive works by Fikera & Quinche was the packaging design they did for Boro Denim produced by Eastpak. It communicated elegance in simplicity. For example, it had a rectangular shape with softened edges. The top of the packaging had a bright hue, and the words written on it were short and precise. They said, 'Eastpak: Inspired by the world of Japanese denim.' The idea behind this minimalist approach was to capture the attention increasing their eagerness for the item that was inside the packaging. Fikera & Quiche did a freestanding display for this product as well. Torij archways that characterize Shinto Shrines in Japan were the inspiration for this display.

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