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For the People

The Essence of Design at For the People

Started in 2014, For the People is making tremendous strides in the world of advertising and corporate design. In fact, the company bagged The Studio of the Year’ Award in 2016. It received this honor from the AGDA Design Awards program that documents and recognizes emerging talent in this field. The judges took note of the agency’s consistency in delivering value to its clients.

More specifically, their transformation of Streamtime and the work they did for the twentieth Biennale of Sydney received acclaim from audiences, judges, and fellow competitors. Others included the one they did on Sydney Dogs & Cats Home and Start-Me-Ups. That is why For the People took home more than one award for its collection of works.

One of their unique styles was evident in the campaign they did for the University of Wollongong. In this campaign, For the People created an identity for the university that reflects the personality and character of contemporary students. More specifically, most students want to be free to discover themselves and their talents. They want an institution that helps them interact positively with the world.

This campaign was funny, catchy, and highly interactive. For example, one of the outdoor stands read, “Because your lemonade stand was just the start.” Another one says, “For those who know how long the Hundred Years' War went on for.” These phrases make you think. They remind you of your past interests, and more specifically, they direct you towards an institution that can help you explore them.

That is the essence of design at For the People. They like to break norms so that they can get to the heart of something. Their idea is to promote design and advertising techniques that resonate with the real world environment. In other words, they do not like fake or repetitive things that everyone says. In fact, their manifesto calls for shaking things up and disrupting industries as a way of spurring inspirational and creative thinking.

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