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Gluck+ is an architectural firm based in New York City well known for its multi-faceted approach to building design and construction. Having been in the business for more than 4 decades, the firm has expanded its practice tremendously and now offers its services on an Architect-Led Design-Build (ALDB) basis. Their ALDB approach brings more integrated problem solving techniques to the table, something the leads to more elegant solutions.

The architectural agency leaves nothing to chance. It literally handles everything from conception to construction all through to carrying out oversight on the various aspects of the project. Since it started operating, the firm has designed lots of buildings in the United States ranging from residential houses, schools, community, centers, religious buildings and more.

Some of the most iconic building projects undertaken by Gluck + include the Duke University marine Laboratory, Harlem RBI, Van Sinderen Plaza, 345 Carol, Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & learning and a lot more. Its skilled architects have done numerous projects that have won both national and international design awards. And the agency’ achievements have been published in various architectural journals, books and articles.

Gluck Plus is truly redefining building
design and construction!

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