Artist Name
Helena Price

Following your intuition is not something everyone can brave for risk of failure. Helena Price pushed past her fears to prove to everyone and herself that you can take your passion and turn it into a lucrative career.

Tapping into a untouched corner of photography Helena gives the tech world and it’s start ups a warm approach that is lacking in the industry. Working with the biggest names in the business; Uber, FitBit,Twitter and more she uses photography to tell a unique story to showcase a side to these billion dollar companies that we don’t typically see as customers.

Helena takes her work beyond just tech and dives into projects that express people in their raw element, this is what makes her work stand apart from typical photoshopped staged photography and something that people appreciate. People being people.

Strong political projects are also on the list of things Helena has dipped into, shedding light on important social issues that need to be talked about. The “Banned” project features stories of silicon valley tech workers who are directly affected by immigration policies introduced by the new administration. Our personal favorite “The Pussy Project” highlights women of all different backgrounds making their voices heard in a powerful way.

Regardless of what is next Helena has created a spark in us to go for our passions and shown that in a world saturated with artists, each of us has something special to share and give that nobody else can.

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