Artist Name
Steven Taylor
Interviews Photographer
Tack Artist Group

The city of angels is full of talented photographers and Steven Taylor has made a name for himself, the way he captures people on camera is like nothing you have seen before.


The core of your work is focused on photographing musicians, How is it interacting with these diverse personalities?

I really love it. I gain a huge amount of inspiration being around other artists and their teams. Likewise, it’s good to see how others work, and what works for them.

Does your work ever blend over into a personal level with the people you photograph?
Almost always. It’s important for me to represent a person and their brand well. Having a closer relationship with my clients makes that possible.



What type of preparation do you make before going on set to shoot?
I get a manicure. Nobody wants to stare at dirty hands all day. Right!?

We’ve noticed that you have a strong interest in fashion based on your style, is your appearance something that you find important to your representation as both a creative and a professional?
I like that you asked that. I’ve always been obsessed with small details in branding–things that most people overlook, but totally complete an image, whether it be an artist’s website or a store’s layout.

As a professional, I think it’s important to represent yourself well on every level. As a creative, I believe that feeling great and having confidence helps you produce your best work. It allows you to represent your best self in all mediums.

Who do you find to be influential in the fashion industry and why?
I love Christian LouBoutin. Like I mentioned before, I love great branding, and I think what they’ve done with the red bottom shoes is genius.

Is photography something that you do beyond a means of making money?
Absolutely. I am currently working on a few personal projects and am very excited to share them. I’ll definitely keep you guys posted.


Steven Taylor has a way of capturing the essence of artists and portraying their personalities through photos in a new and refreshing way

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