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Inplace is a highly sought after design agency in Argentina. Currently, its most prominent clients include Casa Foa, BNP Paribas Cardif, and Artelum. These companies put their trust in Inplace because they know that Inplace has the experience and to get the job done. For example, BNP Paribas Cardif is an Argentinian insurance firm that operates in six countries. It hired Inplace to do interior d├ęcor for its office in Caba, Argentina. Inplace did an excellent job, and today, this office looks incredible. You can even search for the pictures of it online if you want to see how remarkable it is.

They also did branding and signage for a bar and restaurant known as PRS. One of their most striking designs is the outdoor sign they did for PRS. More specifically, Inplace went for channel letters that backlights. It is worth noting that channel letters are blocks of letters that convey a particular message. In other words, they are not part of a surface. One attaches them to it. The white backlight illuminates the edges of the black letters making them seem mystical and inviting. Most of the other signs inside the premise have channel letters as well. They also have unique blue or green LED lighting in the background. The manager can change these colors at any time to create the kind of ambiance that he wants in the restaurant.

This kind of creativity is only possible with a highly experienced team of dedicated designers and innovators. Fortunately, Inplace has the most qualified people in this country. For instance, one of its co-founders is a professor at the University of Palermo. She also teaches at the University of La Plata. Her name is Mariela Angelo. Other co-founders are as equally successful as she is. They are Nacho Sbarra and Cristian Belloro who are both professors at the University of La Plata. All of them are professional artists when it comes to Visual Communication, so they combine their expertise to create inspirational office design for their clients.

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