Artist Name
Mila Taylor Young
Set Design
D+V management

Mila Taylor Young is an accomplished set designer based in New York City. However, she grew up in London, Oslo, and Connecticut. These contrasts in location and culture during her early years sparked a sense of creativity in her. Today, she portrays these distinctions in her work through deconstructed designs that are full of inspiration and aesthetic appeal.

Magazines that have hired her include M Le Monde, Double, Purple, and Love. Others are Buffalo Zine, Pop, T, W, and Another magazine. She also worked for Barneys, Vaquera, Supreme, Brunello Cucinelli, and Club Monaco. These highly reputable companies realize that she is good at what she does. Therefore, they have hired her to create value for their readers.

For example, did you see the set design she did for Barneys in their March 2018 issue? It was classy, simplistic, and captivating. It had a vase on a small table with white flowers in it. A white cloth covered the table. The background was white as well. Then there were three shoes next to the vase. Each one of them was a different type of shoe, but all of them were black and white shoes.

It makes you think, does it not? For instance, what were the shoes doing on the table? Why are they all different? In truth, the picture had so much order in it when it came to color and simplicity. At the same time, it was disorderly. That was Mila's intention as an artist, i.e., to show that there is chaos in our daily routine. However, she proves that beauty and simplicity exist in the midst of chaos.

Mila appeals to people who work alongside her in addition to her fans and clients. More specifically, she has a positive working relationship with fellow designers who are in charge of costumes, props, lighting, and makeup.

Some of the rising stars she collaborates with include renowned photographers such as Hanna Moon, Benedict Brink, Charlotte Wales, and Sam Rock among others.

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