Artist Name
Patricia Piccinini

Patricia is an artist who focuses on the creation of mutant creatures. She creates them using various media such as sculptures, digital prints, videos, paintings, sounds, and videos. However, her primary focus is on creating them using life-like sculptures. Some of the materials that she uses for these sculptures include silicone, hair, and fiberglass. Many people have described Patricia’s work as realistic, unsettling, and inviting at the same time.

Patricia’s creative process starts with a drawing that captures an idea that she has. Then she selects the best approach for developing this idea. For example, which method is suitable for expressing it? Is it photography? Is it sculpting? Is another approach more appropriate than these two are? These thoughts cross her head as she looks at her drawing. The fabrication process begins as soon as she decides on a suitable method of

expressing her idea. It is worth noting that Patricia employs a team of dedicated technicians to help her in the fabrication process. Moreover, she uses a variety of techniques to complete the task. They include hand sculpting, CNC, and 3D printing among others.

Patricia creates her artwork for a diverse group of people and institutions. They include ordinary art enthusiasts, corporate bodies, and government entities. For example, she held solo exhibitions in Slovenia and Australia in 2017. These exhibitions draw huge crowds of people who love her work. She created a piece of art for the Transport Accident Commission as well. That took place in 2017 and it made international headlines because of its helpful approach towards awareness on road safety.

As mentioned earlier, people love her designs. In fact, Patricia numerous organizations have recognized her work as revolutionary including the Guardian, New York Times, and ABC News. Several art bodies have featured her work in their collections. They include the Thomas Olbricht Collection (Berlin, Germany), the Vehbi Koc Foundation (Istanbul, Turkey), and the Phoenix Art Museum (Arizona, USA). Moreover, Patricia’s awards are almost innumerable. One of the most significant ones is the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Melbourne Art Foundation.

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