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Rick Owens Furniture
Fashion Designer Furniture Designer

A interesting fun fact about Rick Owens is that most do not know that he actually grew up in a small town called Porterville, CA, which was about 40 minutes from the town I grew up in.

When he graduated from Porterville High School in 1979, he spent a few semesters at Porterville College before leaving home to pursue a career as an architect at Otis Parsons School of Art in Los Angeles. While taking classes at Otis Parsons, Owens picked up sewing as a hobby and immediately fell in love with designing. He changed his major to fashion and held a series of jobs in the garment industry before launching his own label.

Rick Owens is a world renown fashion designer, but what I feel most people don't realize is that he is also a furniture designer, and has been doing since 2007. We've taken sometime to showcase a lot of his furniture pieces from his collection. It is far from usual and the closest thing to unusual and feels somewhat harsh, and uncomfortable. They somewhat resemble sculptures or mini architectural structures.

It almost has a touch of ancient inspired Egyptians in many ways, with hard materials and sharp edges. A touch of ornate elements like moose horns, etc. Not the typical ancient material of course, but feels inspired by that period in time.

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