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Studio Newwork

In 2007, three ambitious graduates from the Fashion Institute of Technology founded Studio Newwork. These founders were Ryo Kumazaki, Hitomi Ishigaki, and Ryotatsu Tanaka. Together, they achieved success in this business by pursuing a minimalist approach in their designs. This

approach encourages simplicity, creativity, and practicability. Consequently, the work done by Studio Newwork is unique, thought provoking, and aesthetically pleasing. Today, Studio Newwork is one of the most successful graphic design studios in the world. In fact, it handles clients from America all the way to Japan. Some of its most prominent customers include Asics, Casio, Blinc, Levis, and G-shock.

Studio Newwork caters to various needs that these companies have when it comes to design. They include branding such as creating an identity for a firm or determining its creative direction. It also helps businesses when it comes to signage, event, and exhibition designs. Studio Newwork will handle your printing designs as well. That includes planning your stationary system, editing your prints, and designing your packaging or posters. The versatility of this company is also legendary. For example, did you know that Studio Newwork does interactive designs as well including standard websites and e-commerce websites? Moreover, it does title designs for corporate films.

Some of their best works include the branding and identity job that they did for News Corporation and the Dow Jones. More specifically, News Corporation split into two divisions in June 2013, i.e., News Corp and 21st Century Fox. Studio Newwork designed a distinctive logo with a human touch. The handwritten approach shows that the organization is approachable, continually working, and original. In contrast, this design agency went for a modern look for the Dow Jones. They redesigned the corporate logo of the company opting for a bold sans serif typeface. Remember, boldness and professionalism encourages confidence among investors. In other words, it shows them that they are dealing with a company that takes their investments seriously.

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