Oliver Stenberg

Art director, fashion designer and set designer Oliver Stenberg walks a fine line (one that we all wish to walk on) found somewhere between avant garde and minimalism. Playing with color and whimsy, each campaign he works on is saturated with unique elements exclusive to the ideas that he draws directly from his imagination for that project.

Brands seeking his artistic edge are those willing to stand out and take a simple ad campaign and turn it into an art exhibit by showcasing their products in a fresh way. From his studies starting in London at the Instituto Marangoni, Stenberg then went on to work with various magazines and British designers making his mark on an intimidating*** industry.

Stenberg has a way of making products come to life and tell a story of their own. By sticking to his design esthetic despite advertising trends he has proven to be a voice that brands can trust to make a statement against the grain.

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