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Children are a vital part of our society, what was created by Toormix along with the collaboration of the talented architect Plasencia Arquitectura is an example of just that. They have provided a remarkable environment for a younger generation in need of medical solutions, the playful wonderland has made us look at the medical world in a whole new light. This is something that we have always wanted to see achieved in the medical field, giving an inviting and playful characteristic through every facet including colors, typography, shapes and elements….a magnificent crescendo. One might feel like they are being brought back to the early 90’s of Mario brothers, but its not just the playful and youthful characteristics of the design that caught our eye we would also like to point out that the attention to detail and the communication achieved is divine.


The unique iconography created by the team catches your eye and communicates a very clear friendly atmosphere to the visitor, along with the illustrations introduced they give off a very bubbly retro tone to the eye. This body of work has been done with love and care which shows a side of humanity we do not see often enough, caring for our future generations is very important and necessary.


“We are extremely proud of creating a global project that helps to ease the daily life of children and their families in these conditions, and we are glad to have witnessed also the huge success that this project has had with respect to its dissemination through the social networks”. - Ferran Mitjans

the Art Director at Toormix stated "I don’t think anyone company could be more proud of this accomplishment." and we can see why, hopefully this will inspire other hospitals around the world to take on the same approach. What these children are going through is nothing any child should experience so the least we can do is provide environment that is more familiar to their imaginations.

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